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Carrots don't grow on trees! Rob Keeley Review

Lily loves eating fruit and vegetables – but is tricked by Jordan, who tells her that carrots grow on trees.

With the help of her Mum, some healthy eating and a box of elastic bands, Lily sets out to teach Jordan a lesson...

Carrots Don’t Grow On Trees! is a bright, colourful and funny story, told entirely in dialogue and pictures, and takes a fun and compassionate approach to dealing with teasing at school, as well as promoting healthy eating.

Rob Keeley’s second picture book sees him reunited with illustrator Simon Goodway, following their previous successes with My Favourite People and The Treasure in the Tower.


First of all I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Rob Keeley for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review. I have three children under the age of 6, so this was a great age range for my daughter to read.

My daughter was amazed at the pictures, the illustrations and even commented on the facial expressions of the children as the story was developing. Shout out to Simon Goodway, for the bright, colourful illustration that really makes the book POP.

She loves to guess what is happening, and this book gave her the opportunity to do so.

I don't agree with bullying in any sort of form, so I adored the way Rob approached 'teasing' when it came to children, telling Lilly that Carrot's DO grow on trees, my daughter was confused why they were being nasty to her. The way Rob conveyed this message, was clever,

light-hearted, and also portrayed how to deal with this, firstly by telling her teacher, and also her mom, which I'm sure teaches children a lesson in confidence.

At only 24 pages Rob's book was easy, fun and happy to read. The range of pictures and colours, even the settings from in school, at the dinner hall, and also at home portrayed a great range of familiar surroundings, that my daughter was able to recognise.

This book would be an incredible addition to schools, children of all ages can enjoy this short story, and share amongst their friends. The aspect I loved the most was the questions in the back, most of my daughters homework has activities in the back of their books to go through to open up their imagination, and this book does exactly that!

We are all grateful to have this on our bookshelf!



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