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The Warrior Gene Review

Blend of an action adventure comic, and chuck in a psychological science thriller...this book is for you!

Hand-picked to work on a classified military project at the government's most secret laboratory, Dr. Alex Bishop has no idea that he is about to hold the fate of mankind in his shirt pocket. When he is attacked in his lab, Alex barely escapes with the only copy of the most powerful DNA code in history. He is unaware that he holds the key to a two-thousand-year-old prophecy that will determine the fate of every soul on earth, but others know what he carries.

Along with his only friend and ally––FBI Agent Gabby Morgane––Alex must risk everything as they race against time to unlock the secrets of the code and save humanity from an ancient, unspeakable evil, while being relentlessly pursued by malevolent government agents, sinister cult members and the world's most lethal mercenaries.

Warrior Gene grips me from the VERY FIRST page, with an opening scene nothing sort of electrifying, action erupts and death is introduced setting a tone of urgency to turn the page for the reader. I adored this style of writing as the bold introduction served a testament to Neil's ability in true engaging storytelling. The initial burst of action served as a powerful anchor to ground me into the narrative propelling into a rollercoaster of twists and turns, and me screaming WHY?!...WHY HAS THAT JUST HAPPENED?! into the page ha! The literary technique Neil used, Onomatopoeia excellently mimicked the sounds such as "tap tap", "plink plink" and "snick" for the sound of a gunshot...I LOVED this as it added sensory details to the writing, and I heard the sounds as I read.

"We have the ability to re-write a DNA code in order to change behaviour at the conscious and instinctive level, the magic ingredient here is that we can just about do it in a live host instantaneously"

What stood 'Warrior Gene' apart for me is the writers embrace of Alex's neurodiversity, using Dr Bishops character highlights the strengths and perspectives that he brings to the table. The importance of this embraces the differences of individuals adding richness and depth into the storytelling. Furthermore, fostering a deeper connection with readers as the narrative progresses. My first initial opinion of Dr. Alex Bishop is somewhat of a loner, an introvert who is also extremely clever. His character shines through with his intelligence and passion for unraveling the secrets of the DNA code. As a reader unfamiliar with genetics, DNA and other scientific shenanigans (that being said... I only passed GCSE and BTEC Biology) I initially found myself a little daunted by the jargon, but Neil masterfully incorporates the complexity, making it accessible and comprehensive even to those with limited scientific knowledge, and to be honest I was googling loads whilst reading as it made me inquisitive around the field behind it all. The writers attention to detail and clear explanations ensured us readers grasped the concepts presented, but also being fully immersed into the narrative. The character development interested me as both the two of the main characters Gabby and Alex undergo significant growth challenging readers initial perceptions keeping them invested in their journey. Neil's writing portrayed an excellent natural evolution of these, ensuring nothing is as it seems.

Imagery was one of my favourite aspects when reading this novel, it really stirred my imagination that still lingerered long after a page had been turned. Another clever repeating theme was foreboding; the dreams and visions that are haunting Alex and the vividness and intensity of Neil's writing adds the extra layer of tension readers need, and hints at the challenges ahead and the deeper mysteries waiting to be uncovered. The use of smoke and fire in the visions added the sense of urgency and danger, and left me on the edge of my seat. The inclusions of creatures and unknown entities waiting to pounce fueled the sense of unease, isn't that what we love in a book?

As opposing forces gather, the fate of mankind is in the balance.

Although an action packed start, the book is a slow burn, but I feel as though this possesses a unique power to immerse readers into a detailed world of complexities. Unlike novels that are rushed, this book takes time to develop the characters and unfold the narrative cleverly investing the audience. This deliberate pacing allows the deeper exploration of themes and ideas, readers are given a chance to forge a deeper connection with them in the process and their fates.

What I loved about Neil's writing is the utilization of multiple POVS and the ability to offer a more comprehensive view of the story. By shifting perspectives between different characters and withholding information, anticipation was formed as key details were revealed slowly. At first, I originally thought the dynamic cast and their groups were united by a common goal and aligned in purpose, but this soon unraveled a complex multifaceted conflict which was the clear driving force of this novel.

Alex risks everything to race against time unlocking the secrets of the code, ancient unspeakable evils, while being chased by government agents, sinister cult members and lethal mercenaries.

Overall this was an amazing book and I was so excited to read this, showing the struggles of power, the resilience of human spirit all in the face of adversity. Fantastic writing Neil. There was one negative which I found in the entire book that.....I have to wait for part two!!!!!! I actually thought to myself, there is no way this book is going to finish in a couple of pages with all that is due to happen, so Neil had a lovely telling off in his DM'S! Ha! Anyone who fancies a great 10/10 read, head over here ---> The Warrior Gene: Staley, Neil: 9798218100759: Books


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