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Spotlight With Author T.F. Lince

Trev Lince originates from Marske-by-the-Sea on the North East coast of England, but now lives in Darlington with his wife, Claire.

Their daughter, Annie, is a very good guitarist and is setting up a band, playing every pub in the North East that she can. She’s so rock and roll, living the dream while her father is approaching his mid-life crisis.

A keen golfer and frustrated Middlesbrough FC fan, Trev gets to as many matches as work and leisure time allow. He writes in what little spare time he has, when not working as a freelance IT Consultant.

Room 119 – The Whitby Trader is Trev’s first book and he really enjoyed the experience of writing it.

Funicular followed and he is now writing his third novel which will probably be called Reunion.

Take a tour with the visual storybook from 'Room 119' on Lince's website:

Thank you so much for joining this interview on my blog! I am more than thrilled to have you here. We have a little introduction at the top of this page talking all about you... Tell us more about your books for all the new readers, and something fun we may not know about you?

Ok, there is an elephant in the room so I might as well introduce her and blow her trumpet before we get started. Do you know the saying, ‘Everyone has a book in them don’t they?’

Probably the most interesting thing about me and my writing journey is, I got an ‘E’ in English, I’m probably dyslexic and I had only read seven books in my entire life. I then had a series of six or seven dreams and was dared to write my debut novel Room 119.

So I guess everyone does have a book in them, I’m living proof.

I was born in Marske-by-the-sea on the North Yorkshire coastline but now live with Claire my wife in Darlington, interests; cycling, golf, football (Middlesbrough Fan) as well as playing a little guitar and dabbling in a little card magic now and then. I can't even find the words to describe how distinctive and unique 'Room 119' was. Reading all the reviews on Amazon and Good Reads, a lot of people agree with me! Did you intend to have a book with such a mixed array of genres?

I think as a non-reader, well, I say non reader I’m now up to 21 books, go me. I was told by my editor and my proof-reader what an amazing unique writing style I had. I obviously thought, I’m paying you so you’re bound to say that, but they both elaborated and said it was like you have been told a story around the campfire.

As I have never written anything before, I and as I don’t read much, I guess I am following my own rules and have avoided pollution and copying of others and just telling the story. As I write I see it like a film in my head. My editor advised me not to read too much of one author as you may lose your writing style without knowing it. As far as the genre, I just wrote it, readers can put it on whichever shelf they choose.

You mentioned this book spiraled from a dream that you had, I can barely remember my dreams, how did you manage to get all the ideas down onto paper before you forgot?

I had a flat in London as I was working as an IT Consultant, it was a weird night where I felt like I got no sleep at all. I was in that not awake, not asleep mode, this has happened a few times since. I guess that’s why I remembered the dreams and that they continued like Netflix episodes in my head.

When I got to work, I told a work colleague over a coffee, she said that would make an amazing book or film. I wrote the bullet points of the dreams down in MS Word, saying I will write it one day. About six months later and with the story growing arms and legs by the re-telling and having additional dreams to supplement the original story, I was dared to write it, I opened the laptop and typed Chapter 1 and my author days began. If truth be told, starting was the hardest bit, I found the writing a lot easier that I thought, seeing the next chapters in my head as I’m writing the current one, is it meant to be easy? Maybe I should keep that bit quiet. I generally get the story out of my head then every ten chapters or so go back to the beginning and clean up as I go, putting more descriptive elements and fixing repetition etc…Not sure if that’s what you’re meant to do, but it works for me.

There is many spiritual connotations, the idea of connecting with those who have far gone, or are on the brink of death, do you believe that this is a possibility in every day life? Or for those who are in a coma can hear those around us? What is your thoughts on this?

Richard Hammond brought out a TikTok video all about his wife shouting at him when he was in a ‘coma’, I don’t really know what I think, without saying too much about Room 119, I have had many people reach out to me who have had family members who don’t recognise them anymore and this story gives them all hope, I’d love to think it’s true, that’s what I’m going to believe anyway. I adored the rollercoaster of emotions this book managed to take me on, was it your plan to ensure that Dean was so hateable one minute but then so likeable next?

Dean our MC (A loveable rogue type) was not meant to be liked at the beginning, it’s a story of love and redemption. After my mother read it, she would always say to people get past the first 4 chapters, then it gets good. Thanks Mam, I guess she has a point, his character arc must have the love hate thing going on.

Most people love him at the end though, remember, he’s working this all out at the same time as you the reader.

Who would you say helped influence this novel?

The dream, short and sweet answer, I had no intentions of writing anything, nor did I think I had the tools. When many FIVE-star reviews rolled in at the beginning, I thought everyone was in on the gag and having a joke with me. Who are you favourite authors?

When I said I had read only read seven books ever, they were when I was in the RAF in the Falklands and six of them were Terry Pratchett, so it would have to be Sir Terry (RIP)

Are any of the characters in the novel based on anyone in particular?

I think Dean has a bit of me in him, not anyone else in Room 119 though although my dad makes a cameo and Dean’s mam and dad are probably based on mine.

Funicular my second book has though, I have many of my dad’s old mates from the pub, proper characters, at least two or three are based on them, ‘Silent Man’ and ‘Chalky White’ spring to mind. You have another book out called Funicular, which I have on my TBR and I am super excited to get involved in this one, I can imagine it to be as incredible as this. Can you tell us more about this book?

Police procedural meets Dr Who, DI Dixon picks up a cold case that will push him to the very edge of reason. This was so much fun to write as it is based in and around where I was born, Saltburn-by-the-sea and Marske-by-the-sea playing key parts in the most troubling of cases.

You have to take a leap of faith with Funicular and run with the unimaginable, unthinkable but you are seeing all of these things happen, so you have to roll with it, don’t you? Thank you so much for coming along, and taking part in this interview, I really appreciate it and I'm sure so many of my readers will too. What's your plans for the future?

It really has been too long, although, I am halfway through book three, which is based in an escape room, and have already dreamt a fantasy series which again I have the bullet points drafted in another 4 am wakeup call when I couldn’t sleep. Thanks for reading Room 119, the best part of being an author is the lovely kind words and reviews you receive along the way from the reading community.

To follow the author: TWITTER - @Room119TFLince

INSTAGRAM- @room119tflince



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