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The Book Club Series

So.... my blog posts are usually quite planned out ahead, there is usually some element of structure in these. However, this one will be coming from my heart.

You know that feeling when you finish your favourite tv series on Netflix? Or you're waiting for the next season to start and you start to feel a bit empty?

That's how I feel when it comes to reading these books.

This author Ali Fischer, has been a good friend of mine the minute I first started doing my reviews and my blogs, she's even been interviewed the lucky little soul!

She is an incredible person, inside and out and I'm so proud of what she has achieved.

When you first read these books, or see the preview on TikTok, the one thing you'll notice is that it's smut...If i could put a chili emoji on here I would put's that hot!

I know what you're thinking...why is she writing a post just for smut?

It is NOT just smut. Listen to me for a moment, these books are much more than that.

It's not easy for anyone to write a book, but I tell you something, it's also much harder to execute such triggering themes and pull it off as well as this author has done, plus there is playlists to listen along to while you're reading depicting the feelings that you will feel.

One minute you'll be crying, the next you'll be laughing, and the other feeling you will get is something I cannot write on here. (my family subscribe to my blog, if you get me HA!)

This isn't a blog post to spoil anything, because if I could type it all on here and ruin it for everyone fresh in my mind, I would, because...they are THAT GOOD.

Trigger warnings are set out in the book before you delve in.

If you seriously are looking for a new book following a strong friendship pact, full of sex, enemies to lovers and some damn good storylines, get these books now.

I'm honestly not'll thank me.

Thank you for gifting me the third book in the series so far, I CANNOT WAIT for Jess's story to come out.

These are also free on kindle unlimited!


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