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Author Spotlight with Julia Vellucci

Julia Vellucci is an 18-year old girl, born and raised in Ontario, also Italian by origin.

She has successfully published six books as well as an anthology. Julia says she has never been any good at visual art, however her mom and younger sister whom she admires, are her creative endeavours, as she explained she was inspired by them to find a way to express her creative side through writing.

Julia first discovered her love for creative writing over two years ago, when she first began to bring her fictional characters to life through the written craft, thanking a school book club she was part of. From then on she couldn't help but discover what made her characters unique and to carry out their story till the end.

Julia's dream is to be able to inspire readers through her words as she believes words can project more than actions ever could.

Keep reading for my interview with the wonderful Julia..

Hi Julia! Thank you for agreeing to take part in this interview, I am so excited to have you here, part of my blog! You are only 18 years old and have already achieved so much, you have written SIX books, as well as an anthology, what would you say has been your inspiration for these?

Young people are underestimated so much because of their age. I am lucky enough to have discovered my passion at such a young age and instantly wanted to share it with the world. It was a tough journey to get there and I'm becoming a better author as I'm going along, but my love for it grows with every book and character that I create. I can only hope I can inspire young, aspiring authors to not let their age or even fears get in the way of pursuing their dream and showcasing their true voice.

At the tender age of 16, you wrote 'Paint Me Some Love', which I have read and found it deeply life changing with some important morals portrayed in the novella, what has been your thoughts achieving such an accomplishment at such a young age?

The novella holds a dear place in my heart as it was the second main thing I had ever written, but I didn't get it published until two years after draft one was written, at the age of 18. It also focuses on two loves, self-love and friendship, mostly neglect, but I see that as vital to living. I pursued publication for it much sooner but it wasn't it's time and some edits and cut scenes later on made it all it was meant to be yet so much more. I am beyond proud that I was able to publish something that began my love for writing. The first thing I wrote in which I began to understand how to convey emotions in writing, which I obviously deepened when editing it as my writing has grown tremendously.

You were part of a school book club and said this was the inspiration for bringing your fictional characters to life, are any of the characters that you have written based on real life people?

All of the characters that I write are my own voice in some shape or form, many that I have yet to discover. 'Paint Me Some Love' focuses on a friendship kind of love, and from my personal experience, I haven't had much experience in that area due to genuine friendships being hard to come by or stay. So, in a way, I'm feeling that genuine, uplifting and wholesome connection through my characters before truly experiencing it first hand. Besides my own voice, song lyrics and movie scenes that speak to me as well as the behaviour and dynamic of those around me all contribute to the plots and the characters within my novel.

Your dream is to inspire readers through your words, as you believe words can project more than actions ever could, which I think is a fantastic and powerful statement, what are your plans to achieve this dream?

I plan to do this in the best way I know how to express myself, through my writing. I can only hope those my age, younger and even older can pick up my novels and learn a thing or two about themselves and even apply some of the themes that I portray into their daily life. Even through interviews like this, I hope readers can relate to me and see me for more than the stories I write, but what I create with them and desire for people to get out of them. With so much chaos going on in the world, one doesn't only need to escape but also get more than just the sense of freedom out of the escape. I also plan to attend college for journalism in the upcoming school year and desire for my articles to have unique spins that connect to all of those that read it.

A common theme in all of my novels, romance with a variety of sub genres and even fantasy is to feel a connection greater than ourselves alone. That is what I wish to capture with my words, I can only dream of touching the hearts and soul of many.

Although you write young adult fantasies, and other genres, you include themes such as friendship, feminism, relationships, LGBTQ, self love and acceptance which is an incredible process to inspire..not only young but older readers, what has been your favourite book you have written so far?

It isn't necessarily a book, but it's a series that I have written, my Love Tetralogy. It's a fantasy romance series of four where each book continues from the next and each focus on a type of love one doesn't think of. Loving our inner flaws that make us beautiful, loving life's unexpected twists, loving our relationship with our emotions that make us who we are with how we learn from them and loving ourselves are all covered. Magical elements such as invisibility and the common symbol of the rose add much fantasy and depth to this series. My favourite part is that unlike most romance novels, it doesn't mistaken lust for love and would have a positive influence on a young audience.

Who would you say was your favourite author as a child, and who is your favourite author now?

As a child, I loved any book by Eric Carl because of the bright, captivating colours, as well as pictures and use of repetition. My favourite book of his was ' The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. My mom read it to me far too many times to count. Now, I enjoy mystery novels mainly, and it's an added bonus if their subgenre is mystery. My favourite author would be Michael Hiebert with his 'Dream Of Little Angels' series. It has a bit of everything, an intriguing mystery, wholesome romance, drama and I loved how as I try to portray as an author, a common theme was that age doesn't define your capabilities. After all the main character who was a pre-teen, tended to solve the crime or get close to it before his mom does, or the detective did. Not to mention, the way he portrayed emotion, described scenery and included much symbolism in his books, is an inspiration. I try my best to do the same in my own writing.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is trying to write their own novels?

I'd encourage them to continue writing no matter how terrible they might think it sounds. First drafts are there for a reason. Words can always be perfected. If you have a story you feel needs to be told, never hold back. Express yourself the best you can, through writing. The journey itself can be tough, but with determination, perseverance and belief, you can do anything you want to put your mind to, old young or anything between. Never hesitate to change the world with words no-one has heard from you before.

Your reviews on all of your writing so far, has been amazing. If any bad feedback arises, how do you cope/react with these reviews?

I am beyond grateful for all of the positive reviews and support I have received there, much coming from Instagram bookish interactions/reader or author friends, as well as friends and family. However. I do read all reviews, positive and negative and respond accordingly. There are sometimes aspects I can agree with in the negative reviews that I use to make my future writing all the stronger. I might also disagree with some, especially those can be unreasonable since it's obvious the reader didn't finish the book, or they skimmed it. Those I'm thankful that at least they attempted to try it, sometimes get a good laugh from them and do respond with where I was coming from when I wrote the novel, and thank them for giving it a try. Good reviews obviously are ideal and have a way of brightening my day as I know my words are making a difference, but I am thankful for all reviews, good or bad. The more new readers would be attracted to giving them a try and I love to hear new voices and opinions on my books. Always love connecting with readers, and encourage them to connect with me on my Instagram handle @juliavellucciauthor.

Lastly, thank you so much for this interview, I really respect your values as a person and your imagination as an author impeccably, what would you say is the source of your happiness in life?

You're too sweet. Thank you so much for the kind words, for this excellent opportunity and for giving 'Paint Me Some Love' a try. I'm so happy you enjoyed it and took out of it as much as I put into it. It means so much to me. You also are such a genuine and kind person to connect with, so thanks again. The source of my happiness is those that make me believe in meaningful connections, my family and the little things that have ways of surprising you throughout life. I'm a big believer in going for my dreams, my writing definitely included in that and adding to my happiness as it's my passion. I also believe in each day being better than the next, an optimistic way to contribute to my happiness.

To connect with Julia on social media: Instagram: @juliavellucciauthor Good Reads: Julia Vellucci Website: Author Julia Vellucci - Home (

To buy her books:

Amazon: Whispers of Hope (Paperback) Whispers of Hope: Cristina Manalastas, Anna, Habib, Farzana, Yadani, Emma, Vellucci, Julia, Dulfo, Leslie, M. Hontucan, Miel, Pais, D.S., Mae P Arbues, Christine, Anne Sanchez Lugtu, Sheryl: 9789354904967: Books Whispers of Hope (Kindle) Whispers of Hope eBook : Cristina Manalastas, Anna, Habib, Farzana, Yadani, Emma, Vellucci, Julia, Dulfo, Leslie, M. Hontucan, Miel, Pais, D.S., Mae P Arbues, Christine, Anne Sanchez Lugtu, Sheryl: Kindle Store Girl by the tracks (Paperback) Girl by the Tracks: Book I: 1 (The Love Tetralogy): Vellucci, Julia: 9789390510474: Books Girl by the tracks (Kindle) Girl by the Tracks: Book I (The Love Tetralogy 1) eBook : Vellucci, Julia: Kindle Store Boy by the plate (Paperback) Boy by the Plate: 2 (The Love Tetralogy): Vellucci, Julia: 9789814989503: Books Boy by the plate (Kindle) Boy by the Plate (The Love Tetralogy Book 2) eBook : Vellucci, Julia: Kindle Store


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