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Sneak Video Peek Of 'Awakening' By Author Lucy Mclaren.

Take a sneaky look into Lucy's debut novel 'Awakening' Lucy Mclaren is a writer of fantasy stories, from even a young age she has been drawn to the magic of storytelling, whether that is via books, video games, tv or films. Fantasy has always been her go to genre of choice even though she does enjoy horror, psychological thrillers or murder mysteries. She is currently working on a fantasy trilogy called The Commune's Curse. The first book in this series, 'Awakening' is available now.

Keep scrolling to listen to a snippet from her debut novel.


The Kingdom of Septima is ruled in all but name by the Commune, a ruthless cult that seeks control of an ancient power that has taken root in unsuspecting children in Septima. To maintain their hold on the kingdom, the Commune will stop at nothing to capture children who show signs of this power, to be weaponised or eliminated. 18-year-old Evelyn Folksman is in hiding. Taken in by a tavern-owner, she is haunted by the horrific events that drove her from her home years before. Evelyn is forced to face her past when two wayward children, Raif and Rose Huntsman, arrive at the tavern, pursued by Commune soldiers. The children fall under Evelyn's reluctant care as the trio narrowly escape a raid. Relentlessly hunted by Commander Jonah Sulemon and Commune agent Lord Eirik Torrant, Evelyn and Raif cannot fathom why they pose such a threat to the Commune, until six-year-old Rose unwittingly reveals a terrible secret: she possesses powers more fearsome than any the Commune has unearthed in decades. There are only two options: to be captured and imprisoned, or to run for the rest of their lives.

To purchase The 'Awakening'

To follow Lucy on social media: Website: Lucy A. McLaren 🖋 – Author website and blog ( Twitter: @lucyamclaren Instagram: @lucy_a_mclaren


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