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Motherhood Lost And Found Book Review- Ann Campanella

Motherhood lost and found is a non-fiction narrative written by the life Ann has experienced. From the offset I knew it was going to be an emotional read, and when I saw it was dedicated to her late mother my tears already started. I will always rate a memoir five star because it honestly takes sheer courage and strength to be able to write a book from the depths of their experiences and their emotions.

I communicated with the author during my experience in reading this, and I explained how much I cried during, but also how much I admired her strength, her resilience and character. Ann decided to share with the world the most private and intricate times of her life which I am forever grateful for as this book changed the way I see my future of my own life, including the growing perturbation of my aging parents.

I loved that not only did Ann share her memories and experiences with us, she also conveyed triggering themes, such as miscarriage, alzheimer's/dementia, yet managed to portray these with such dexterity and decorum.

Ann's love of horses were a recurring theme in this memoir, which again I was inspired by, as I know the element of sharing such a relationship and bond with these animals are real. Horses are known for their language system and they are reliant on touch, and emotional connection, it takes years for humans and horses to attune their bodies, with hard work and dedication, and that shone through immensely in her novel and this was truly reflected on Ann's incredible caring nature. I feel as though her horses took a pivotal role in her life, and the relationship they shared helped her through some extremely tough times. I'm sure this distraction and love managed to help her gain some perspective and focus, whilst enforcing a natural mood enhancer without even realising it.

Ann depicted an entirely graceful narrative, although full of heartbreak, her experiences and encounters with various hurdles thrown at her, made her into the strong woman she is today.

It brought me to tears, and her great attention to detail reliving these memories whilst she was writing them, I realised I related more than I first thought as my grandad struggled with the same condition, I myself have seizures and have suffered miscarriages, which is probably the reason I couldn't stop crying.

I really enjoyed this book, it explored the delicate balance of life, and what we endure as we get older, and more importantly the lessons of perseverance and that family and friends, really are the most important blessings in the world.


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