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Author Greg Smith Spotlight

An Unbreakable Spirit - An inspirational insight into Gregory's novel.

Imagine breaking hundreds of bones in your lifetime...

Imagine breaking a bone by simply coughing or sneezing....

Imagine a never-ending world of hospital visits, plaster casts, and ambulance rides... A world of pain.

This is life with brittle bones. Yet through it all, Gregory Smith has survived. How? How did he beat the overwhelming odds of an incurable disease to become one of the oldest survivors of brittle bones in the world?


An Unbreakable Spirit is a true story of love, faith, and hope. Following Gregory’s journey from a fragile child to accomplished social worker, you will find heartbreak, romance, brushes with greatness, and an unforgettable bond between a mother and a special-needs child. Meet the colourful characters and extraordinary people — from schoolmates, doctors, girlfriends, and celebrities to nurses, friends, residents, and family — and the ultimate love of his life. Feel the dispiriting moments of despair and the uplifting moments of triumph.

An Unbreakable Spirit is about overcoming adversity and never giving up hope. Let Gregory take you into his world. You will smile, cry, and feel — maybe all at once.


To follow Gregory on social media: Twitter: @WheelinGreg

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